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Signed by Anthony with his foot mouse! 

24 x 18"  Archival Matte Paper

All proceeds benefit Anthony's caregiving

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"Having ALS & attempting to use a camera mounted to the armrest of a wheelchair is kinda like: you having no hands, while also trying to shoot a target from the holster of your belt... Yeah, it's fuckin hard!

I click the shutter with my right toe + I practice a lot, but it's never "perfect". So, I use photoshop to "correct" distorted angels due to my inability to carry the camera properly. The result is this oblong shape. The edges are normally cropped off to reveal a perfect 35mm frame that we're all used to seeing.

But sometimes, I like to leave the edges in because I think it reveals my limitations that I have been so desperately trying to overcome. The left corners of the frame are lower than the right because my left tire was in a small pothole . . . The top corners are wider than the bottom because my camera is pointing up since I sit low in my chair. 

But do you know what's more difficult? (cheesy segue) Paying for caregivers + medical expenses, indefinitely ( $5K + / month)... Fml. And there's two of us! (Yes, my mother and I both have ALS for those that don't know.) This is the core motivation of me selling these prints. Because of you, I have ALS. ALS doesn't have me. Thank you for helping."