My Last Days

Although it’s strange having my personal life in the public eye, it’s always been important for me to be vulnerable. There is no other way to bring true understanding to a chronic illness like ALS. It’s been almost two years since this was filmed and a lot has changed… Laarne is now on her own journey with life and I wish her love and happiness. I don’t know if I will find love again But I am finding it within myself. This past year has made me a more resilient soul. I don’t plan on giving up.. My mom and I are still fighting together and I am doing my best to continue my photography despite my progression. ALS has brought my voice to a whisper. I got a new feeding tube. Last week. My life is painfully beautiful and I am grateful for every second of it.. I just need to continue to evolve with my circumstances. Thank you My Last Days team for all of your hard work and enlightened souls and my family for your unwavering love and support. I L O V E Y O U.