What true love would truly want..

Before me, you never needed. You always were. I was the buck stunned in your one light. For your alone never meant lonely and your happy never meant contingent. Surrendered and consumed. You had me. I had you. So when I got ALS, that unknowingly meant, you had it too.

Dark as night. Lost in care. I was a locked burden you couldn’t share. Newly dimmed eyes revealed our collision of pain. Suffering so debilitating that you actually wanted the end of you.

Leaving was a failed escape and I was broken by all of your attempts. I know it hurts but my love was never supposed to be a trap. So, go before me with no contingency. You know what you need and that is not me. Please, let go and be bright as you once were. This is what my true love truly wants... for you to live free. Live free my love, live free for you.