The Same Storm

my door just flew open from the storm we’re having. nostalgic. took me back to a seemingly ordinary childhood memory. it was a day that i would give anything to relive again. i remember laying down on that couch with a clear mind. i remember listening to the wind push the leaves and the rain hit the floor. it was a cold day like this, but my life was warm and my mind was present. life without the understanding and fear of death. i used to think that was real contentment. tomorrow marks a year since i was diagnosed with ALS and the thought of death is enough to consume me... but i've learned that there's beauty in the impermanence and tomorrow i’ll simply disconnect and step back in awe. it’s another year to be grateful for, another day i am blessed with. i am ALIVE and for that i can still nap through that same. beautiful. storm... sometimes i’ll even dream and forget that i have ALS.